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Specialized  CEU Classes in Muscle testing for Texas LMTs

from a Chiropractic Kinesiologist with forty years of practice and teaching experience!

It's about time that Licensed Massage Therapists get this training...for their clients and for license renewal credit!

Hi there! I'm Dr. Stuart Marmorstein D.C. and I can offer you classes in some of the most interesting and effective work you are ever going to see or experience. By the way, I'm the one pictured above pushing down on Joe Heller's arm.

I've been teaching Applied Kinesiology and various cranial adjusting classes to doctors since 1979. I also assist at Pain Neutralization Technique classes in Denver.

Since the Spring of 2016, I've been offering classes to lay people (patients and other non-professionals) in how to do muscle response testing and how to work with magical acupuncture points (no needles) to correct problems that de-stabilize the body structurally.

Don't you think that it is high time for LMTs to have this kind of training available to you so that you can take it back to your practice and WOW your clients (or develop special skills that you can offer as a service to busy doctors)? 

I've enjoyed and appreciated the work massage therapists have done to keep my own body going so I can work. My patients have also found massage therapy to be indispensible for coping with stress and tension. It's my pleasure, now, to give something back to this special profession.

You won't find a testimonial section on this website...yet. Why? I just got my credentials as a CEU Provider for Licensed Massage Therapists this year. My CEU Provider Number is CE1877. When I wanted to find out how I could teach you guys and gals for CEU credits, my long time friend, Wanda Williams stepped up and pointed the way for me (Thanks, Wanda!) She introduced me to the good folks at who helped me get things started.

If you want to look at my other teaching websites to see what my students think, you can check out: This method is one that I have co-developed and taught to MDs, Chiropractors and Naturopaths. I am now developing a new class for chiropractors in some breakthrough methods of cranial and spinal adjusting.

The Kinesiology is for Everyone site will give you more of an idea of the kind of material you'll learn in the two live classes, which are described below.

There are plenty of testimonials on those two websites, and I hope you'll be one of the first to take my classes and add your own testimonial to the section below!

Both live classes will teach you methods of isolating muscles that goes beyond anything you've experienced. I teach these tests to doctors and also offer this instruction on DVDs.



Thank you for the truly amazing class!

Thank you for making muscle testing so simple and straightforward. I really am pleased with how easy it is for me to be confident in my results!

Learning the actual work... For me, being able to help people in just a few seconds is magical and wonderful! Finding what they are turned off by and changing that for them is so incredibly cool. Knowing that they're changed for life is a blessing to them and I feel so privileged to have helped!

The Injury Recall Technique is going to be one of the most powerful tools in my therapy bag. I don't even have words to tell you how excited I am to be able to do this for others.

Just know I will.

Again, thank you for teaching me all this. I'll see you in the next class!”

“This class was quite an awakening. The work Dr Stuart Marmorstein teaches is something so different, using the body's own intelligence to ask for help. The idea and use of muscle testing was not new for me but this is much more. Tools and techniques to clear what is confused and help the body function efficiently again. I have more energy and clarity available. Less pain and confusion. What incredible work and a sage teacher.”

Please email me through the contact form below, and let me know which class or classes you'll be attending. Include your phone contact informatio, in case I need to reach you faster than I can by email. If ordering DVDs, we will need a mailing address for shipping any DVDs you order.  (See offerings in next section).

Printed materials will be furnished at the live classes. It helps us to know as much in advance as possible how many we need to prepare for the classes.

You can use the PayPal buttons below to pay for the classes.

Two types of classes, each one with Saturday and Sunday options. Video below shows sample from DVD set. This material covered in Isolating Muscles Class.

Stabilizing Your Clients, Part I

Learn muscle testing magic!

Your clients come to you for relaxation and relief. What if YOU could be the rare practitioner who can also help them maintain their sense of well-being for a longer time by finding chronically weak muscles and turning them back on? And, what if you could find hidden factors in everyday life that have become anchored to stress responses that turn muscles off? Are you ready to learn to be the detective who finds the short circuits and correct seconds...with a quick rub of acupressure points? Part 1 will teach you basic one-armed bandit muscle testing, and how to stop muscles from disconnecting from the brain during cell phone usage, sleeping and driving positions, carrying purses and more. You will also learn how to test and correct upper body muscles (neck, shoulder and TMJ). Will also cover Injury Recall Technique.

Instructor: Dr. Stuart Marmorstein
6 CEU hours

Saturday, September 16, 2017 12-6 pm
Tuition: $195

Stabilizing Your Clients, Part II

Advanced Kinesiological Wizardry!

Oh, boy! After applying what you've learned in Part I, your clients are completely hooked. What to do? Take them further! You will learn how to turn off many more more subtle destabilizers that cause massage clients (and chiropractic patients) to bottom out shortly after having a great bodywork treatment or adjustment. Become the go-to gal or guy who can also use acupoints (no needles, cupping, moxa--just light fingertip pressure!) to help with emotional stress. AND learn to test and correct chronically weak lower body muscles (low back, pelvis and hips, and abdomen). Your practice will never be the same. Injury Recall Technique will also be covered in this class for those who aren't taking both classes. This method is a MUST! Bodybuilders, yoga enthusiasts and other athletes love being tested!

Instructor: Dr. Stuart Marmorstein
6 CEU hours

Sunday, September 17, 2017 12-6 pm
Tuition: $195

Muscle Testing DVDs

Good for reviewing the material in the Isolating  Muscles portions of the live classes.

Rewind, Review, Master!
Your stock in trade is becoming intimately knowlegeable about the muscular system. Learn how to test practically every muscle in the entire body. Two DVD set has one disk for the Upper Body muscles and one for the Lower Body muscles. Master this body of work at your own pace and become the go-to practitioner that everyone is talking about. I developed these tests based upon modificatons of tests designed by the late Alan Beardall, D.C., founder of Clinical Kinesiology. These DVDs are highly prized by kinesiologically-oriented chiropractors and make a great gift for your favorite massage therapist.

Instructor: Dr. Stuart Marmorstein

Study whenever the spirit moves you!
No CEU hours

Investment: $275

These low back muscle tests are presented live in the Stabilizing Your Clients, Part II Class. DVD sets contain the rest of the muscle tests in the body. Enjoy this sample.

Bonus Material: Injury Recall Technique for faster healing, increased flexibility, and more energy.

The effects of old sprains, fractures and invasive procedures can linger for years. OR YOU CAN GET RID OF THEM IN SECONDS!

Did you know INJURIES, such as SPRAINS, FRACTURES and EVEN the effects of INVASIVE MEDICAL and DENTAL PROCEDURES Can Cause PERMANENT DAMAGE to our ability to relax and heal?

You will learn a safe and legal way to test for and correct these imbalances in this class!

Watch this 9-minute video demonstration by Dr. Marmorstein.  The effects of this method are dramatic and profound. Within 3 minutes, you will GET IT.

Class location:

These classes will be held in the Library of the Esperanza School. It's a delightful environment. Please bring a portable table, if you can, especially for the Isolating Muscles class.

Phone: 713.831.6875 and leave a voice mail 
Email: Please use the form below this section.


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